How to grow basil from seeds ? 

Basil is a must-have in a kitchen. Its broad leaves have a powerful and delicious fragrance, as well as in pesto, on a salad or pizza. Mamma mia !

Care: easy • Exposure: sunny • Watering: medium • Where? In a garden or in a 15cm deep pot • Sowing: indoors from March to April and outdoors from May • Harvest: from June to October 

Growing basil

In March or April, sow your basil seeds indoors in a pot or container in a sunny place. Rake the soil and scatter seeds by hand. Sprinkle gently with soil and you’re done. In May, you can sow directly outside!

To boost seed germination, soak them the day before in warm water to speed up the process.

Harvesting basil 

Be sure to water regularly so that the soil is moist, not soaking wet. In May, as soon as the plants have reached 10 cm, transplant each plant 30 cm apart in a rich and fine soil in a sunny place away from the wind. As soon as basil leaves bloom, cut them with thumb and forefinger. If you forget, it’s a shame because the leaves will become less tasty…

Harvest basil according to your needs (preferably in the morning) as it quickly looses its flavor, except when transformed into pesto.

Tip for winter: collect the stems in a bouquet and knot them with a string. Hang them upside down in a warm, dark and airy place. The herbs will be dry after about a week. Then store your herbs in glass jars.

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