How to grow calendula from seeds ? 

Calendula (also known as marigold) is a pretty orange flower that blooms from spring until the first frosty days. Its leaves and flowers are edible. It is a great flower to have in a garden because its smell keeps away aphids and white flies.

Care: easy • Exposure: sunny to half shade • Watering: medium • Sowing: from March to June • Blooming: from April to November

Growing calendula

A carefree plant! The calendula is very easy to grow. In March, sow a few seeds each 12 centimeter in a pot in your house or in a greenhouse. From April / May, you can sow calendula seeds directly in your garden. Cover very lightly with potting soil, compress soil and water regularly to keep the soil moist.

When there are two or three leaves, remove the most fragile plants to leave only one every 25 cm. Water only if it is very hot.

Calendula harvest

Harvest according to your needs. Remember to remove the faded flowers to boost blooming of new calendula flowers.

Calendula leaves and flowers are edible and will decorate your salads and sorbets.

Calendula has multiple properties: astringent, purifying, healing and anti-inflammatory. This pretty flower heals dermatological problems (sunburn, acne, small wounds …) and digestive disorders. Ladies, this plant is also known to regulate the menstrual cycle and to ease the pain during your periods.

Did you know? Its petals can also be used as a food coloring.

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