Seed packet & types of seeds

How many seeds are there in each seed packet?

The quantity depends on the type of seed you choose: 400 seeds for poppy, 25 seeds for borage, 30 seeds for calendula, 350 seeds for wildflowers, 80 seeds for basil and 200 seeds for radish. For each type of seeds, you can make two seedlings out of one packet.

What is the size of the seed packet?

Each seed packet is 99mm high and 68mm wide. You can easily place your seed packets on tables or in a beautiful jar to thank your guests for coming to your event.

Which material is the seed packet made of?

All our templates are printed on a kraft brown seed envelope. Perfect for green or boho wedding/event.

How do I preserve seeds and for how long?

All our seeds can be sown until 2021. Don’t forget to keep them away from the light and humidity before the D-Day!

Is it possible to choose several types of seeds inside of a single seed packet?

Unfortunately, this is not possible because the seeds have different sowing dates. So let your heart choose your favorite type of seed !

Seed packet & types of seeds

Is there a minimum quantity to order?

For custom seed packets (with names, event date and type of seeds), the minimum quantity is 50.
For pre-designed seed packets (not customized, with fast shipping), the minimum quantity is 20.

What happens if I am not home during the delivery?

Don’t worry! You will receive an email when the packet has arrived at the nearest Pick-up & Go location. 

How long between order and delivery?

It depends on the type of seed packets you choose. For an express shipping within 5 working days (one week), select our non-custom templates. If you have time, you can customize all these templates. You will then receive your order within 24 working days (a month).

And then ?

Do you provide any tips so that my guests sow their seeds properly?

Of course! We provide many gardening tips to grow your seeds. A link to the website is on each seed packet so that your guests can find all the tips they need.

You didn’t find the answer to your question?

Azélice is here to help you. You can send an email to help@allweseedislove.com.