How to grow poppy from seeds ? 

In French, poppy is “coquelicot” which comes from “coquerico” recalling the brightening red of the flower. This 60cm high fragile flower is a very good friend of bees.

Care: easy • Exposure: sunny • Watering: low • Where? In a mix of soil and sand • Sowing: from September to December or from March to June • Blooming: from January to July

Growing poppies

First of all, scatter the seeds in a pot or in your garden. Rake and compress soil lightly – lumpy soil may bury seeds. Then you can water the seeds and make sure the soil stays moist (but not wet) until seedlings begin to grow.

When seedlings will have a few leaves, take off the weakest ones to keep the strongest plants every 5 cm. Water them lightly.

Taking care of poppies 

From a year to another, poppies can naturally re-seed. It’s a joy to watch their nice red dress taking over the garden when they bloom.

It is a lonely soul because poppies don’t need any care. However, aphids can be dangerous for them! Make sure to protect them with a potion made from black soap and water.

To prepare the potion, mix 15 grams of black soap in a liter of water. Then say goodbye to invasive insects (aphids, scale insects and red spiders…). Be sure not use this potion more than 4 times a season and space out its use by at least a week.

Be aware :

Poppies don’t like being transplanted. Remember to sow them directly where you want them to grow.

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