How to grow radish from seeds ? 

This radish with bright red root will make you crack by its round shape. Its tender and juicy flesh will add a little spice to your dishes. To peck with friends without moderation!

Care: easy • Exposure: sunny to half shade • Watering: heavy • Where? In a garden or in a 20cm deep pot • Sowing: from March to October • Harvest: about 1 to 2 months after sowing

Growing radish

How to grow radishes? Just dig 1.5 cm deep lines in the ground (each 20 cm apart). Scatter the radish seeds by hand and cover with a little soil. Compress soil lightly and water regularly.

When seedlings will begin to grow, thin your plants to keep only the strongest ones every 3-4 cm. Continue to water frequently. If you don’t water enough, radishes tend to get a bit spicy.

To enjoy harvests all summer, don’t forget to sow radish seeds regularly during spring and summer.

Harvesting radish 

Tip: so that the radishes are “clean” when you harvest them, think to water soil a few hours before.

Radishes can not be preserved a long time. If you want to keep a little longer, just plunge their head upside down in a bowl of water.

You can consume your radishes raw or cooked like turnips! Remember to keep the leaves for a delicious pesto or a soup.

And then? After growing radish, avoid planting cabbage. On the other hand, you can plant onions, garlic and turnips !

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