How to grow wildflowers from seeds ? 

Wildflowers are beautiful and bucolic flowers. Not only do they bring color and poetry to the landscape, they also attract bees and butterflies and develop biodiversity. In the garden and on the balconies, they are also easy to cultivate.

Care: easy • Exposure: sunny • Watering: low • Where? In a mix of soil and sand • Sowing: between April and June or September-October • Blooming: July to October

Growing wildflowers

No need of a large area, a square meter is enough to help nature grow at home. A seed packet is enough for 2m2 wildflowers.

Just don’t forget to sow your wildflowers in a sunny area (with a minimum of 6 hours sunlight). Top tip: to make spreading easier, mix seeds with a small amount of sand so you can see where you sow them. Compress the seeds into the soil by walking directly on top, or by using a seed roller.Then, water so that the soil is moist, not soaking wet, taking care not to wash your seeds away.

Caring for wildflowers 

To get pretty wildflowers, consider watering regularly if the rain does not bring enough water. From time to time, remove faded flowers and invasive weeds.

Once the plants have seeded and are 15-20 cm high, mow them down to help natural re-seeding and regrowth of perennials.

You liked it ?

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